About Bangalore Care Takers

Bangalore Care Takers is a home away from home for the parents and it’s a Parent’s Paradise.

Bangalore Care Takers is a fast growing medical services company in Bangalore. We are Introducing a new concept which is first time in Bangalore "TOTAL CARE UNDER ONE ROOF". We will take care of your loved ones in our state of the art facility or in your Home.

At Bangalore Care Takers (BCT), we are designed to promote or maintain client’s independence in performing the routine activities of daily living. Our goal is to assist clients to maintain an independent lifestyle wherever they live: at their home or BCT’s Senior Living / Retirement / Elderly Care / Geriatric Care / Old Age / MR-All Age Home facility.

Bangalore Care Takers has furnished A/C, Non A/C, single, double and suite rooms with veg and non-veg food being served according to the diets recommended. Bangalore Care Takers has daily Doctor Visits and nurses on duty round the clock. It also has Doctors on call and ambulances to provide immediate medical aid in case of emergencies. Paramedical staff and essential emergency medical equipments are also available at Bangalore Care Takers. Every effort is made to provide the elders with a comfortable, safe and dignified life during the evening of their lives.

Who we are

Bangalore Care Takers managed by a group of service oriented medical and management professionals, who have come together with an aim at assisting senior citizens in need of dependence. In Bangalore Care Takers (BCT), we have Doctors, Professional Nurses, Associate Nurses, Care Takers, Physical Therapists, Dietitians, Cook & Housekeepers to make sure quality with worth and mercifulness, continuity and safety while providing services.

Bangalore Care Takers is established in 2016, aimed at assisting our clients in attaining maximum independence, within the context of our values-based culture. Every effort is made to provide the elders with a comfortable, safe and dignified life during the evening of their lives.

Our Palliative Care Service Team

Bct is one of the largest palliative care providers, mainly based on Bangalore area. Bangalore care takers works 24*7 hours to help our patients. Bct provide services to over 20000 patients by now. Bcts specially trained doctors , psychotherapists and nurses are there to solve all your needs at any time. Our palliative care team that work with the patient and family by providing medical social, emotional and practical support. Our palliative care team has trained and experienced doctors and nurses. They provide palliative care along with curative treatment that begin at the time diagnosis. Bct's palliative care team work with people and their families to clarity the goals of care and give them all supports which includes, psychoanalytical spiritual supports. We stand as a back bone to the patient and their family.